Intuitive Guidance


Astrology, Awakening, Alchemy & Ascension

I AM a Wayshower, Ascension Guide, Energy Intuitive, Mystic, Teacher, Mastery Mentor, and Intuitive Astrologer. I AM dedicated to a path of pure service to assist Ascension.

Who I AM...

My sole/soul purpose is to assist you in the process embodying and anchoring your Higher Self through powerful one on one transformational sessions. Amidst the chaos, we are becoming Source Incarnate

and we are here to shift this

planet into Love, together.

What I do...
How I do it...

I am Claircognizant (clear knowing) and Clairsentient (clear sensing). I channel Source through the merge of my Higher Self. I AM an Intuitive Astrologer, and I access the Akashic Records, an infinite repository of everything that’s ever taken place, both individually and collectively. It’s a vast field of intelligence that exists all around us.

How We Connect...

Sessions are conducted over the phone and via Skype. A la Cart mini sessions are reserved for regular clients so we can dive in quickly.

The Flavor of my Work...

If you resonate with the works of Sandra WalterLisa Transcendence Brown, and others of a similar energy stream, you will most likely benefit from these one on one private sessions where we can share information, build the energy, work through some of the tougher energy waves that hit us all from time to time and continue to expand our fields so that we can assist others to foster and grow their Light.

WE truly are the ones we’ve been waiting for…there is SO much Love and Light on the planet right now!

Let’s work together!

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