Conscious Coaching Readings: $135 approximately an hour and a half +/-

In these readings we dive DEEP. I’ll have already completed the analysis of your birth chart from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective, to set us on a course of focused action.


We’ll touch on any important transits, and we’ll also look at your progressed chart to give us an idea of where you have evolved to at this point in your evolutionary journey.

We’ll then do a comprehensive Tarot Reading where I will use my intuitive gifts to dive even deeper.


This is where new information may present in addition to what we have discovered in your birth chart. These readings almost always serve as further validation of what we have already uncovered, which is very empowering!

*This reading is great if you are considering the Ascension Alchemy Coaching sessions and aren’t entirely sure of where you are in the process and/or want to jump start the sessions with a wealth of information for us to build upon right out of the gate.


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