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Ascension Alchemy Coaching:  One Hour, $75 for existing clients, $95 for new clients first session.


These are one on one transformational sessions. There is nothing more important right now than for those of us experiencing this, to build upon it and reach for it with every part of our beingness…this is how we shift a planet…individually first, and that energetically triggers the change in the collective… Hearts are opening everywhere. It's all about LOVE. However, there are scientific reasons as to help explain the time we're in also. 

Sessions are as often as needed. These sessions are designed for anyone experiencing the stages of Ascension. At this point, because we are so deep into the process you may or may not be aware of whether you are on the Ascension Path. Many are going through the cycles and changes without being conscious of it. However, this all seems to change once it is made known and explained. All of us innately know this truth in the depth of our soul. Being conscious of the process allows you to step into the bliss that happens when you begin to really work with the energies and embody more of your true self. A big part of that is knowing your purpose and role in this new age we're embarking on right now.


This is a huge soul group who are coming back together to experience the culmination and grand finale if you will, of what was started over 2000 years ago. We are living in the time of many prophecies being fullfilled and cycles completed. We are stepping out of an old power structure into a new world, and that new world will be based on Love for our fellow human. Do not be swayed with how the external appears, or watch it burn. 

*Some email/text support is included for regular clients.

To give you an idea of how I may assist…a myriad of topics may be discussed, such as…

  • Activations and Gateways

  • Integration of energies

  • Acceleration of the process

  • Clarity on Stages and what to expect next

  • Merging with Higher Self

  • Alchemical Tools to Clear stuck energy, Transmute fear, Amplify your Beingness, Raise your Frequency, and Free your Mind from the Emotional Trappings of 3D

  • Bliss and how to build upon it

  • Spiritual Nutrition

  • Embodiment

  • Past Lives, especially during the times of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and afterwards furthering the hidden teachings

  • Themes that were worked on during past lives that are showing up again, what they are and how to bring them into form for today's times

  • Twin Flames

  • Balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies

  • Current waves of Energy and how it’s affecting us, and how to most easily move through the more intense waves. And more importantly, how to assimilate the energy, so that our field expands and assists others in raising their frequency. Like attracts like, and vibration equals vibration. Period.

I will also cover any astrological transits or activations you may be currently affected and influenced by energetically. 

These sessions enable us to more fully uncover your purpose and keep us focused on that path. And at the same time, we learn how to step more and more into the Ascension process. While having your chart done using Intuitive Ascension Astrology isn’t mandatory before a coaching session, it will allow us to cut through the layers and dive deeper, faster.

Paypal and Venmo (Preferred) accepted. Email for Venmo payment information.

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