Ascension Alchemy Coaching:  45 Minutes $55


This offering is where my heart currently lies…there is nothing more important right now than for those of us experiencing this, to build upon it and reach for it with every part of our beingness…this is how we shift a planet…individually first, and that energetically triggers the change in the collective… Hearts are opening everywhere. It's all about LOVE.

Sessions are as often as needed. These sessions are designed for anyone experiencing the stages of Ascension. You will know if you are on the Ascension Path. These sessions are not for the newly awakened just yet.

*Some email support is included for regular clients.

*A La Cart Mini Sessions available for regular Ascension Alchemy Coaching clients.

To give you an idea of how I may assist…a myriad of topics may be discussed, such as…

  • Activation

  • Integration of energies

  • Acceleration of the process

  • Clarity on Stages and what to expect next

  • Merging with Higher Self

  • Alchemical Tools to Clear stuck energy, Transmute fear, Amplify your Beingness, Raise your Frequency, and Free your Mind from the Trappings of 3D

  • Bliss and how to build upon it

  • Spiritual Nutrition

  • Embodiment

  • Past Lives

  • Twin Flames

  • Star Family

  • Current waves of Energy and how it’s affecting us, and how to most easily move through the more intense waves. And more importantly, how to assimilate the energy, so that our field expands and assists others in raising their frequency. Like attracts like, and vibration equals vibration. Period.

I will also cover any astrological transits you may be currently affected and influenced by energetically if you purchase any of the Intuitive Astrology readings or the Consciousness Coaching session, which now includes full analysis of your birth chart from an evolutionary standpoint, prior to the Ascension Alchemy Coaching sessions.

This will enable us to more fully uncover your purpose and keep us focused on that path. While having your chart done isn’t mandatory, it will allow us to cut through the layers and dive deeper, faster.

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