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Intuitive Evolutionary Astrology Readings:  One Hour $95

Complete Birth chart analysis with a focus on the evolutionary aspects, which reveal your life purpose. This will tell us what your soul came in to accomplish for this incarnation, i.e. your destiny; if there are any missed steps, what they are, and how to complete them.


We will also cover transits and progressions. Transits will give us information about how the energy is influencing you currently and what cycles you may be affected by.


Your progressed chart will show us where the planets and you have moved and evolved to since your birth.


Evolutionary Astrology by email:  $35


These readings focus just on the evolutionary aspects and are sent via email.


These are great for Lightworkers and anyone on the Ascension path. They’re targeted, straight to the point and serve as validation for where you are in your journey, or help to get you back in alignment.

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