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Intuitive Guidance for Astrology, Awakening, Alchemy & Ascension

At some point after you Awaken, you come to realize that you are on the path of Ascension. This is the greatest gift humanity has ever been given.

It is our opportunity to actively engage in our personal evolution. If you’ve made that choice, you know this journey is not for the faint of heart.

It can be a long, and sometimes areoccurring, dark night of the soul. It’s also a deep inner journey of personal awareness that isn’t always so pleasant. It’s like having a life review while in body.

As we clear layers of old stuck energy and negative patterns, we eventually have an overwhelming urge to give back, to assist others following in our footsteps, along the same path. This is because we begin to understand that everything is energy…absolutely everything.

And as we level up in frequency, we can change others just by being in their presence. There’s a deep knowing in us that as we each rise up individually, we do so that we may all rise up collectively, one by one and it is spreading like wild fire. This is how we shift an entire planet. Together.

We are at the end of the age of Pisces and just about to enter the age of Aquarius…we are on the cusp of one age ending and another one beginning.

This is one of the main reasons everything appears to be completely falling apart in the world. When you move from one energetic influence to another, the energies are chaotic, to say the least. There have been many great cycles that converged to mark this time.

The Aquarian age is about Unity. It’s about Love and Compassion for your fellowman/woman. It’s about amazing, new, out of the box innovations for the benefit of all of Humanity, not just a privileged few.

Its energy is about Enlightenment. And indeed, you can see all of those ideas taking root right now, even amidst the chaos. Eventually the positive energies will win out completely…and the Light within each of us who are awakened, will assist all who are on the path…that is the very essence of the energy of Aquarius.

I AM Claircognizant (clear knowing) and Clairsentient (clear sensing) and I channel Source through my Higher Self connection. I am also an Intuitive Astrologer with a focus on Evolutionary Astrology. (Your purpose and what you came into accomplish).

Whether you’ve just Awakened, or are experiencing the stages of Ascension first hand right now, through Intuitive Coaching, Wayshowing, and channeled personalized tools (Alchemy), what comes through can serve to validate where you are in your journey, or can help to get you back on track and moving forward again quickly.

These one on one sessions can be purely transformational in the way they assist in activating, integrating and accelerating the process.

Let's work together!


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